What we will do is come and speak with you and discuss what is exactly going on. We are a friendly team that really want to help but you must be as honest and clear as possible. We will interview you and find out as much as we can about what's going on. You must be honest with us and not embellish what is happening, it won't help us and it certainly won't help you! You will need to fill out a series of forms to help us understand and we keep them on our files. Please note we are fully insured investigators and if you have spoken to a team before hand that are not, please do not let them into your home or property. We will then work with you to sort out a convenient time for you when we can come and do an investigation in your home or property. All our staff will be wearing ID security passes so you know exactly who you have on your property. Also all our staff are completely vetted so you can rest assured your property or home is in very careful safe hands.  More and more people are wanting to do their own paranormal investigating. The popularity of shows such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures" has everyone wanting to find their own proof of the paranormal. If one is seriously wanting to have an investigation in their home due to a suspected haunting, there are several things that are important to know... and many misconceptions that need to be clarified. First and foremost what you see on TV is not what you think it is. These shows are cut down to show the excitement of what can happen in 60 odd minutes. However this is never the case and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a paranormal investigator. If you are expecting the drama that many ghost hunting shows portray, we are sorry to disappoint you spirits are not performing entities that will manifest at our request.  Paranormal investigating is a process of research, documentation, recording, videotaping, and hours upon hours of examining photographs and evidence. There will also be hours of listening to tapes for EVP's ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon ) studying temperature changes, monitoring EMF meters (electromagnetic field), and gathering all of the evidence to be examined. Then all natural explanations for any apparent activity captured must be ruled out. Sometimes a suspected haunted property can be as simple as faulty wiring, a pigeon in the loft, a high electro- magnetic flux (field) in the property etc, etc. It truly never is that simple and that is why we will help you determine if there is something going on. In some cases yes you do get instant gratification but for the most part nature truly does have some surprising tricks up her sleeve. 

Well there isn't any really it all comes down to having a sensible head  on your shoulders. Scientific methods cannot be suitably applied to supernatural beings. It is silly to even try to promote that so we don't, we use what we were given our brains, common sense and a few bit's of equipment to help us out. Sometimes you can't beat your eyes and ears and a notepad and pen!  

We do not use or endorse the use of Ouija boards! Other paranormal groups and researchers may use these items but we never will. These boards are gateways, once open nobody can determine what will come through and NOBODY has control no matter what they tell you. Always think long and hard before you partake in the use of one of these boards for your own safety.  We tend to use instruments such as Steve Huff's "Wonder Box" for communication or an SB11 spirit box. These instruments are much safer and better controlled but sometimes nothing beats a good old camcorder a tape recorder and a sensible approach to investigating.