" At Ghosts of London we know how difficult it is just to open your door and let a group of strangers wander round your home looking for ghosts! However we want you to relax , your life and home are paramount to us. Whatever you say goes it's that simple.  Just remember  it's not us that you have to worry about, it's the thing that brought you to our website in the first place that you need to worry about"

Jason Whitnell.

CEO, Ghosts of London.

A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were born when the first man woke in the night..........

Our client reviews:

"Mike from Ghosts of London came to our flat on Friday the 24th Feb 2017 as I have been having  problem with a lady spirit and had boy spirit down by my front door"

"He walked around my flat and spoke to lady and told her the rules then I stood in front of him and he had his  hands by my head and I got really hot! Then Mike asked  me to speak to her from my mind"

"The lady was talking so quiet I couldn't understand what she was saying. However Mike explained that she is here as she has been through a tragic death and lost a baby like me. and she has and was trying to tell me something she doesn't mean me any harm"

 "The boy down by the front door isn't going to be a problem as he has something to with my partner and not here to cause trouble that night the flat was really calm then Mike come around on Saturday with a smudge stick and went in every corner of the flat and did the doors and my flat still feels very calm now so he did a fantastic job for Ghosts of London and my family"

Annie Louise Harvey.

"Myself and my husband are the proprietors of The Wheatsheaf in Boldon, South Tyneside and we recently had the pleasure of meeting the Ghosts of London team. Our pub has a history of paranormal activity and we have had lots of experiences in our 4 years there, not all very pleasant. Some really terrible things happened there to women and children and the story is quite horrific, I personally was struggling with very low mood and feeling extremely drained whenever I was in the building to the point where I was having nightmares almost every night and it was effecting me in almost every aspect of my day to day life. Ghosts of London traveled a very long way to come and help us at no cost to us at all, when we met them we knew we had done the right thing, they immediately put us at ease and are so honest and calming we knew straight away they were here to help the spirits and us and had no other agenda. They stayed for a whole weekend, they stayed up all night to get us the answers we needed and suppressed the dark spirits in the pub which was not an easy job. They talked us through everything that had happened and gave us every piece of information they learned and they taught me how to be stronger and what to do if i ever felt threatened again. It was also made clear that if we ever needed them again they would come. The atmosphere in the pub now has changed dramatically, I am happy to be there and Jason taught me the power of having a positive attitude. We really cannot thank them enough, what they do is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the same or similar position. Also, I haven’t had a nightmare since. Thank you Ghosts of London, you’re all amazing!"

Stacey Dixon.

"I had a lot off paranormal activity in my house I thought I was going mad stuff being moved someone saying my name in my ear hearing people speaking and seeing things that were just not explainable. So I contacted Jason and his team they were only too happy to help they were all very nice people and done a great job in contacting the spirits that were in my house and caught some excellent evidence and reassured me there is noting to worry about thanks for everything I can now sleep at night great job would recommend Jason and the team to anyone who is having problems with the paranormal"

Neil Brim.