We are serious about our work and address it in a professional manner. Your safety and your home are paramount in our investigations.

We at Ghosts of London know only too well what an unwanted haunting can be like. This is why we want to help you take your life/home or property back! We do not charge it simply is not fair to charge people that need help and for this reason we are a non profit organisation.

We are not here to try and prove to the world that ghosts exist (we know they do) however nobody is an expert in this field. The paranormal world is a new entity in itself and we are all students of it. A lot of groups like to tell the world that they are experts in this field but nobody is, how can you be we simply don't know enough about it. We will never claim to be experts because we are not. However we know exactly what it feels like to experience a haunting. Due to this we decided to help others who are experiencing paranormal activity. Even if you own a property and are not particularly bothered by your hidden guest but just want this confirmed we can do this for you.

Mike Rigby working his magic in this incredible shot!

This picture shows one of our past investigator's (Tom) experiencing spiritual activity in a very active place that he and our team leader (Mike Rigby) visited quite regularly. 

This is an amazing picture caught by one of our ex team members and one of our present on an investigation. Can you see the faces within the spiritual mist?


This is a video recorded by ex  members of our team on an investigation. Take note of the orb activity and the spiritual manifestation of the elemental that was discovered.