The Ghosts of London team traveled to Berwang a sleepy little village in Austria. We did an investigation of a small part of the village that is now abandoned. This consists of closed down hotels and apartments. One of our mediums upon returning in the evening felt a very strong spiritual presence. During the time spent there we took a number of pictures. This is what we caught, pay particular attention to the photos marked 1, 2 and 3. Pictures 2 and 3 were taken within point one of a second of each other.. Remember though there are no light sources in the street or building and none of the crew were using lights..... (Please note the aircraft pictures are to document our trip)

Our plane arrives in Austria.

We travel to the now deserted village in the Austrian alps. 

         Thankfully our flight was calm and incident free! 

The village was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! Remember this village was once full of life, full to the brim with excited holiday makers.

We capture some movement in an abandon hotel with one of our full spectrum cameras. Can you see the grey misty image to the left? 

We decide to switch to IR ( Infrared radiation, or simply infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore invisible, although it is sometimes loosely called infraredlight.)

Our investigators become very excited when we catch the glow of a spirit showing itself to our IR camera system. We live for moments like this it's truly fascinating.